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May 28, 2009

Our Friends at the 700 Club...and a Solemn Assignment

700_Club_logo If it holds any interest for you, I'll be on, yes, the 700 Club next Friday, June 5.  Check listings in your local area.  No further comment will be made from this front... (said from someone who's been in the midst of a massive amount of commenting on the cultural incongruity of it all, but wishes only the best for our friends at the 700 Club). 

As to the "solemn assignment," I very much do want your comments on something that I think will really help our conversation here and that isn't as easy to comment on as it looks.  It's in the comments section of the last post, called "Putting Second Things First."  My friend Dave Thom offered an articulate rebuttal of my post, I tossed out a brief comment that I felt we were fairly consequentially talking past each other, and then I invited other longtime readers of this blog to take the first whack at a response to Dave's comment.  As of this writing, three of you have done a great job of taking me up on that request.  But I still think there's more to be said, and I think that whatever it is that you'll say will be really on point and helpful to what we're up to here.

So I'm loathe to lose this opportunity and just rush onto something else.  So take this as a little thought exercise.  You--yes, you, longtime reader but rare commenter, along with longtime reader and frequent commenter--glance back at my post, read Dave's push-back comment, and weigh in with your own comment as you try to untangle what might be going on in that exchange.  I think you'll find it a valuable thing to try.  And I'll be nothing but eager to learn from you all as you do.

So...right now...put down that cup of coffee, take another minute off from whatever it is that you should actually be doing right now, and write your comment on yesterday's post.

No.  Seriously.


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