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January 13, 2012

Your Thoughts on "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus"?

I'm assuming someone on your Facebook feed has sent you the viral video "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus." 


You talk about viral!  Seven million hits!  (To date.) Yoiks!  When more than 30 of my Facebook friends were talking about it, it seemed like it might be worth a look.  Several folks were confident I'd love it--that it was right up the Blue Ocean alley.  And then came the wave of Facebook-passed-on responses to the video.  (Like, for just one sent my way, this one.)

But, quirky-hard-to-please-guy that I am, my reaction goes neither towards the video nor towards the responses I read.  To regular readers and commenters and posters here (if "regular" is the word I'm looking for when we've become as occasional as we are at the moment), my response might be entirely obvious.

My friends who really responded to the video liked it because of its bold speaking the truth to religion.  And yet I just think it's talking to people I rarely ever talk to.  Almost all of my friends in Boston, rather than cheering on the video's bold truth-telling, would shrug their shoulders and say "and?"  Of COURSE religion is a problem and isn't equated to Jesus.  The "bold truth telling" of saying that Jesus wouldn't definitionally vote Republican...let's just say "not a new thought" in my neck of the woods.  And then his final assurances that he's not condoning sin would be seen as confirming that he's speaking from within religion as a reformer to religion.  In other words, he's religious Stage 3 boldly condemning Stage 2.  And his very boldness has struck several of my friends as off-putting and Stage 3.  He's cocky, which doesn't do much to call them towards Jesus.

I wonder, though, if in your neck of the woods, this does qualify as "radical and bold truth-telling."  My midwestern friends rarely tire of telling me, "Dave, the midwest is not like Boston in this respect."  Do you midwesterners have a more-enthusiastic response to the video?

The pushback responses to the video I'm reading?  They all defend religion.  So, just to say, we're coming from a different place.


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