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May 24, 2012

Blue Ocean Summit 2012

From Dan: In case you haven't transitioned t
o our new Facebook page yet, I wanted to give you the heads up that registration has just opened for this year's Blue Ocean Summit! It's been a while for most of us here in Cambridge and we're getting excited to see you all again! Many of you on this blog have been long term Summiteers (how's that for a title?) forming the backbone of our ever growing Blue Ocean community. As you veterans know, these Summits are always chock-full of great content and interesting topics, but the best part is connecting with the community--reuniting with old friends, making new friends, and passionately sharing your adventures and experiences in the Blue Ocean. I know some of you have formed lifelong friends from these conferences and you look forward to coming back each year. And for those of you who are new, we hope you can join us!



Since we've already made the transition away from this blog, I'll just give you an excerpt from the website and you can read the rest there if you'd like:

"...This is our 5th annual Blue Ocean Summit and we look forward to exploring, in a number of surprising, fresh ways, what the substance of this faith is. As always, this will be a content rich summit, with a deeper focus on Blue Ocean theology, including Blue Ocean approaches to healing, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit. In addition to heavy content, we have an entire night set aside for prayer and ministry time kicked off by a talk addressing the question "How can I help others experience the Holy Spirit?" Other sessions will include a surprise guest speaker, and a live 'Meaning in a Pub' style conversation with outside participants from different faith backgrounds..."

Hope to see you in August!


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