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May 14, 2012

Onto the Facebook Page!

Keep_calm_and_say_it_on_facebookSo I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that this blog has been pretty dormant (if something can be "pretty" dormant) since the fall and silent over the last couple of months.  I've had a great experience over the last several years with this blog, but I've wondered if a blog is in fact the best setting for the conversations happening in the Blue Ocean world to happen. 

Lots is going on in the Blue Ocean world.  We had a new type of conference experience in Minneapolis in January which seemed, to my eyes, to be a solid success (or at least it encouraged me).  We'll have more on that front in Ann Arbor in the fall, which I'm very much looking forward to.  Our own summit in Boston (mark your calendars now!) will be August 6-8.  We have lots of new churches joining our cohorts.  So the folks I'm talking with are very encouraged with the steps we're taking.  But we've wondered if a different forum might serve better for conversations.  Blog posts have to be little essays and it began to seem to many of us that the essays, by nature, after awhile had to orbit around similar topics.  Perhaps, it was suggested, a Facebook page would better serve us?  People could certainly post essays there, but could also share resources and ask questions.  And so that's the plan.


We've set up a new Blue Ocean Faith facebook page that can be found by clicking the link or searching for "Blue Ocean Faith" in the facebook search bar. Our hope is to continue this conversation there to unite the ever growing Blue Ocean community and make it easier for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences. (Speaking of which, there you can find the video of Tanya Lurhmann's talk from BOS2011, and Dave's first talk from the Midwest Blue Ocean Conference.) So, might I encourage you to "like" us on facebook and start sharing your thoughts and experiences of the Blue Ocean?

PodcastOn a related note, I also enjoyed putting our toes in the water of podcasting.  I'm really hoping to revisit that, if with a few tweaks in terms of its focus.  So here's hoping that things fall into place to make that possible.

Thanks for your participation on the blog!  I'll look forward to seeing you in Facebook-land (and perhaps in person at a summit!).


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